Alberta Crime
Corporate Investigations

Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are often conducted in conjunction with an undercover investigator. With great success, we are able to use closed circuit television (CCTV) to deal with internal theft, internal fraud and the breach of company policies and procedures. In addition, through the use of a forensic accountant, we can skillfully conduct audits, and identify inventory and bookkeeping discrepancies and losses.

Investigation Procedures

To guide our activities at Alberta Crime Investigations Inc., we follow a general process for every new investigation:

Opening a File

When you identify a potential internal problem and bring it to our attention, we will meet with you to assess your needs and make remedial recommendations to eliminate or resolve your risks and loss. We will determine whether CCTV is required to obtain video surveillance and whether cameras should be used alone or in conjunction with an undercover investigator. At this time, an estimated cost of the investigation will be provided.


To ensure optimum results, we are committed to keeping our clients informed of new developments during our investigation, including information obtained during a basic background check of the subject. To facilitate this constant accuracy of information, we encourage clients to keep us updated with any new information regarding the subject, his or her worksite and schedule changes.

Closing a File

We will close all our investigations at a time that is agreed upon by the client. At this time, the following is prepared and forwarded to the client:

  • Surveillance Report

We provide a surveillance report containing the written documentation of all of the subject's activities as observed by the undercover investigator as well as documentation of any video footage obtained.

  • Surveillance Video

We provide a DVD unless otherwise specified.

  • Invoice

A detailed invoice outlines the surveillance time, clerical time, hardware rental and all disbursements. We charge a varying rate per hour per investigator depending on the services required, thirty dollars per hour for clerical work and fifty cents per kilometer for mileage and travel. Payment is required, in full, thirty days from the date of receipt.