Alberta Crime
Insurance Investigations

Alberta Crime Investigations Inc. provides bodily injury and long-term disability investigations to the insurance industry. Licensed, bonded and insured, we use the most current technology to provide the necessary visual documentation. Alberta Crime Investigations Inc. helps to "picture the facts." Recognizing the individual needs of our clients, we customize each assignment and use a variety of techniques, including traditional stakeouts, video surveillance and the use of undercover operatives. Our investigators will obtain video surveillance of daily activities, determine the seriousness of alleged injuries, evaluate consistent seat belt use and perform background checks on the claimant.

Investigative Procedures

To ensure consistency with every file received, Alberta Crime Investigations Inc. adheres to the following procedure for each investigation:

New Assignments

To inform Alberta Crime Investigations Inc. of new assignment information, we offer a variety of options for the convenience of our clients, including:

  • Fax

Hand-write the file information on an Insurance Claims Verification Form provided by us and fax it back to us.

Fill in your own form with the information we require for the file and fax it to us.

  • Email

Fill in the Insurance Claims Verification Form provided by us using Microsoft Excel and email it back to us.

Send us an email with the information we require for the file.

  • Phone

Call us and leave the information for the new file with the Director of Investigations or one of his assistants.

  • Online

Visit our website at, and fill out the form located under New Assignments.

Case Preparation

Before the start of any surveillance investigation, it is important to complete preliminary checks on the subject to confirm the accuracy of the information provided to us. If a background check is required, we will request the information for a basic background check and specific searches before initiating surveillance.


Alberta Crime Investigations Inc. is committed to keeping our clients informed of the status of a file. By informing our clients of new developments during our investigation, we ensure optimum results. To facilitate this constant accuracy of information, Alberta Crime Investigations Inc. encourages our clients to keep us updated with any new information regarding the claimant.


The preliminary checks conducted when preparing the file allow us to capitalize on the opportunities available to videotape the subject while he/she is most active. To obtain the best videotape, surveillance is conducted at various times such as during the evening, in the morning and on the weekends. To maintain continuity and accuracy, our investigators shoot video approximately every thirty minutes.

Closing a File

Generally, we complete investigations within thirty to sixty days. Rush files may be completed within two weeks depending on the requirements of the adjuster. Before closing a file, we verify all information, including any new information the investigator may have obtained during the investigation. This includes alleged new employers, new residences and vehicles driven by the subject.

The Final Package

Upon completion of a file, we print out a report with all of the confirmed and newly learned information we obtained. It is compiled in a concise, easy-to-read format and among other information, it includes the following:

Confirmation Report

The confirmation report contains the initial file data that we received from the client. Any other information we obtain regarding the subject's residence, previous or current employment and any vehicles registered or driven by the claimant is also included in the confirmation report.

Background Check

If any background information is requested we will provide the client with a summary of the data gathered. The background may include information such as confirmation of employment, security agreements registered against the subject, a land title and legal description of the subject's residence and the subject's history regarding civil actions within the Court of Queen's Bench.

Surveillance Report

The surveillance report contains the written documentation of all of the surveillance dates and times, the subject's activities and audit video times. It also includes any notes made by the investigator such as unidentified individuals, telephone calls made and the driving habits of the subject. We also provide a brief summary at the beginning of the report with the subject's current address, place of employment and the highlights of the subject's activities.

Photo Exhibits

We capture still photographs from the video footage and include them in the final package. Each photo exhibit usually includes a full-face identification picture of the subject and pictures of the subject's highest level of activity.

Surveillance Video

The surveillance video is the DVD of the subject while under surveillance. It includes all activity of the subject, but does not include audit video unless requested.